Purify the Hope

by No Peace of Mind

Again 03:29
There's always hope to fuck yourself like the kids growing up with new failures. Everyone surely knows that, I'll forget. But the fucking hope knocks the door again and again. Nothing can change my mistakes. Life is not fair. You're still the same. But my eyes are dead. Eventually I have nothing except a kick in my ass. You and me. Victims of the wrong time,victims of the wrong place. And maybe one day,in another world,far from malice. Can we be happy together again? Sinked in those memories, thoughts are growing hope. And this fucking hope is killing me. Weight of the world on my shoulders, even i know that,we'll never be the same again. My hands will never touch your warm face, my eyes will never see your smile, I will never smell your skin. If everything stands against you and me, I'll be the strongest and hopeless creature.
Fortune 02:41
Walking into gloomy streets, a fortune's in my ears and endless thoughts. Answerless questions're still fucking up my head. Am I blind or are they deaf? Are they blind or am I dumb? Call it fate if you want. These are not my complaints, not poor rebellions. Disgust me forever. I'll not be sad, I'll not be mad. Just take what I deserve and never give back them to the fucking crows.
Spaces 03:18
Hope is the worst of evils. Waiting is an endless forest. How long can I go with these broken dreams inside my head? Can empty words change anything? Can fall apart the mountains between us? Or the walls that built through in our hearts? Everthing is now, senseless. From miles away, every word I wrote to you, useless. Spaces, so many spaces. That cause the same thoughts, old fears. Just about the something that push me under. Sometimes I think, I'm weaker more than ever. I always tell myself : Life's not as bad as you think. But there's a constant truth that's annoying. You are free to be worried everything. Cause nothing will get better. Won't get better.
The Town 03:12
What do you know about trying to breath in this city of hell. All of our tears are caged in their garbage. All our dreams are broken, all our loves are lost.Faith in friendships fucking died. All the years are wasted, all the days are fucked up. Never looked beautiful with our hangouts. We can't lie to ourselves anymore.Mindless youth,drunk and high. Can rain wash away their pains? There's nothing can save us. If it's a lie that i told myself I see it clearly, the town isn't the problem. Problem lies within me. Still trying to find something to hold on. But all i have is just dark in the darkness right now. My swallow, fly here, be my light.


released August 14, 2012


all rights reserved



No Peace of Mind Istanbul, Turkey

Aggressively from the bottom of one's hearts.

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